Thursday, August 6, 2009

x never marks the spot

Any who pass through Athens, Georgia should stop by the Jittery Joe's Coffee shop in five points (milledge ave). There they have a large book exchange that has been going on for years. I have tucked photographs from as above, so below into the pages of the following titles for all to obtain. it would be fun if you find one to perhaps leave something to replace the photo

casanovas parrot--pg. 77
until the end of summer--pg. 12
political violence--pg. 60
hard times--pg. 75
do you want to know a secret--pg. 17
men and the western world--pg. 50
the house of lim--pg. 41
critical theory of the family--pgs. 100, 160
bulimia--pg. 59
samurai--pg. 51
the divided self--pg. 55
the alien upstairs--pg. 75
sri isopanisad--pg. 89
the mind of man--pg. 211
going after cacciato--pg. 150 (great book)
houses, history and people--inside cover
the representation of women in fiction--pg. 60
the golden fleece--pg. 200
the psychology of consciousness--pg. 100
the fever--pg. 50
les lits a une place--pg. 220


  1. Hey, I found one of your photos in the Samurai book. A friend of mine randomly selected a book from the shelf and handed it too me and one of your photos fell out.
    I'll be keeping an eye out for "The Divided Self" as it seems to be the next book in the order.

  2. that's great news, take care of that photograph for me. if you are in atlanta in the next few months, i have a photo installation from that series on display at the museum of contemporary art (MOCA ga). the reception is sept 3 (free). remember beauty is usually just beneath the surface.

  3. Hi, I (without searching) came across the photo placed in The Divided Self. I saw the note: 'look for the alien upstairs, page 75' and then followed the trail back here.

    Coincidentally (synchronicity?), I had less than a moment before (literally) sat down a book I was reading called "DMT: The Spirit Molecule,' dealing DMT induced hallucinations which are commonly described as 'alien like beings.' I love the strangeness of life.

    Can I ask if there is motivation behind why particular photos are in certain books?